Privacy Policy

When you subscribe to my site, your email address is stored. This helps me keep you up to date with new posts.

When you submit a review request, your name, email, and the details of your request are saved on the server. They are stored to help me view, manage, and process your review request.

There are several plug-ins I use that, as third parties, might have access to information you provide on this site. For example, Askimet might know what you’ve provided in a comment. I do not use a third-party email client (like MailChimp), so your email subscription is only stored on the server here and shared with no one else. On the rare occasion that I use Rafflecopter, your information entered in their boxes could be stored by Rafflecopter.

I’m just a little fish in a very big pond, so that should cover it. If you have any questions about how your information is being used after reading this page, feel free to contact me about it.