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I am now taking review requests! Trust me, I would LOVE to read every single book put in front of me, but that’s just not possible because I’m just me. You will have a response from me for each serious request. Please note that I rarely do cover reveals for authors that are new-to-me, nor will I review a book by request unless an ARC is provided. Do not send me an ARC without my okay. It will be deleted. I also don’t do a lot of giveaways, blog tours and the like. I am a disorganized mess, thus this fabulous form for you to fill out.

Now…what will I read? My favorites are every type of romance (from scandalous historical to large group menage…MMFMFMFMF anyone?–that’s my wink to the lovely Jayne Rylon) and really gory horror. And lest you think they are always separate, you are wrong. There is what I’ve dubbed Horrotica, and the best writer I’ve found in that category is Matt Shaw. I also read young adult and children’s fiction. It sometimes surprises me what I want to read.

My blog is recently “new again,” so I’m on a learning curve with this. I appreciate your patience with me, as I’m sure I’ll be tweaking the rules as I find my way around this big, beautiful blogging adventure. Without further ado, here is THE FORM. Please complete it as thoroughly as possible so I can make the best, educated decision about your request. Thanks so much for your interest!

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