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Welcome to Double-Edged Words! I’m Amy, AKA Amelyn Randall. I’m a gonnabe (a word I made up which is a step up from a wannabe) author who will be blogging and reviewing books as practice. I’ll be up front and tell you that my whole purpose is to improve my writing and perhaps build a little fan base before hitting that Publish button on a book.

I’m a homeschool mom during the day. In my free time, I love to read and review several genres of books. My favorites are Romantica (romance with a lot of erotica) and Horror/Suspense (my double edges), but really, I’ll read the bottom of a Kleenex box if there’s nothing else around.

I also do this fun little thing that is a 25-year tradition in my marriage. I read aloud to my husband most evenings. It started with Comet by Carl Sagan, we enjoyed that so much, we never stopped! For a little while, it even gave me a brief career as a voice-over artist (not under this name) until a neurological condition kicked in that began some stuttering and a little slurring of words. Medication has that under control, but my confidence has been shattered. It would be a dream to record audiobooks! Perhaps after I write a book, I can record my own.

This blog would not have been possible without help from the amazing people at Nosegraze. Click on the big pink button on the bottom right and see what they have to help you create your blog with ease in your own way! My favorite thing is the Ultimate Book Blogger. Mwah! You’re welcome. 😉

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