Scrivener is saving my life!

My darling husband put Scrivener on my Macbook, and it is changing my life. Scrivener is an application (the Mac version has more updated features than the PC version) for writers that keeps all your writing organized. I’m using it for 30 days for free to try it out. After going through just the first five steps of the tutorial, I already know it WILL BE MINE. I am scatterbrained. I am flighty. I have sticky notes, not-sticky notes, notepaper, notebooks, text in Word on my PC, and notes in every imaginable electronic device in our home. Words EVERYWHERE, except where I need them for my book, gathered together and organized. There is a place for every word of those notes in Scrivener, along with the actual text from my story.

So, this is one of the things I’ve been doing while I’m trying to put final touches on this blog to make it attractive and useful to you, whether you’ll be interested in my book, or in the many book reviews I’ll have on here soon. I’m working with a consultant to get the last bits ironed out. I am no techie. Hubby is, but he doesn’t have the time for this venture of mine, so I made a deal with him. I canceled my Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscription (which I wasn’t really using for the past six months) and am using that to pay the consultant. Win. Win. I’ll get an organized techie to help with my blog, and, at the same time, I’ll be reading less porn (Did you notice that there seems to be more erotica available on KU than any other genre?). Again. Win. Win. Less smut. More reading and reviewing (okay, some smut…my reviews won’t lie).

I haven’t put any book reviews on here yet, but I’ve got plenty ramped up, written, and ready. I’m waiting for the consultant to finish getting stuff set up for me for that. I will not be spamming subscribers with any more than three posts on any given day, so your email will not be flooded by me. I’m pretty sure I’ll be unsubbing from a couple blogs I follow, because they’ve become an annoyance with too many blitzes, cover reveals, and excerpts. What will you get from me? Book reviews mostly. Secondly, commentary like this post, occasionally with some rant. I’m told I’m sometimes kind of funny (looks aren’t everything, my Momma told me), so I also hope to entertain you. Maybe I’ll sing a little and post you a video (the talent I went to college to hone…again with the sharpening). 😉 Words are my favorite thing, and I look forward to sharing that love with whoever will listen.

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